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Membership Application


Please Indicate:   New                        Renewal                        Member #                             


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                                                                                            *Club Newsletters are sent out by E-Mail
Check here to be notified by phone of upcoming FRAPA events.            




Family Member #1                                                                                                                                      


Family Member #2                                                                                                                                       


Family Member #3                                                                                                                                       



Rules regarding family membership......If a family member, including spouse, children, grand-children, or other designated children (nieces, nephews, wards, etc.) who are aged 14 or over but under 18 are to be operating equipment of the primary member, they must be assigned insurance and be on the member insured list.  This is mandatory!

If you do not understand the membership rules, please contact any officer for an explanation.


Primary membership is $25.00 per year payable by December 15th of the previous year.  This includes six newsletters and liability insurance for any FRAPA  event.  Only primary members will receive newsletters

Other family members are an additional $10.00 per person ~name:


Please list info about yourself, tractors, engines, equipment, etc. and any special skills you possess such as welding, painting, machinist, casting, computer skills, fundraising etc.


Quentin's  contact info:  Phone 303-204-1761     Email: frapa.member@gmail.com



Please make check payable to "FRAPA".  Mail this form and check to:

FRAPA c/o Quentin Moeller

11530 Night Heron Dr.

Parker, CO   80134-4314