President's letter March 2017

I have been told it was 2015 when I last put a note in the FRAPA News Letter and it is about time that I do it again.  In November of 2016 I and several other members started our eighth year as FRAPA Officers and Board Members.  As many past officers and board members know there is always something with the club that has to be dealt with whether setting up the new events for the year, handling some problems that may have happened the year before with an event, how to make events more fun, getting more help at event, do we drop events or add event. 
A big problem is that we are all getting older and slower, and that alone makes it harder to partake like one may have done five or ten years ago. Where will FRAPA be in five or ten years? I know that when we get together now on a work day we drink a little more coffee and have maybe one more doughnut.  We also sit and talk and tell more stories, some we may have heard before, but what the heck. At the shop at Chatfield you can find us welding, grinding, sawing, wiring, tuning an engine, grading roads, plowing, picking corn, painting, filing, creating new picture books of past events and time gone by. Those that partake are having fun in our own way, and I am sure don’t want it to stop. Try and get the younger ones to enjoy our since of humor, drive that steam engine, shell some corn with the little ones, take people on an old hayride, or walk out in a freshly plowed field and smell the dirt.  It is tough to beat!  Enjoy the year, keep in touch, have fun, take on some more duties. Remember we are always looking for new officers and board members.
I want to thank Steve Stratman for taking over the news letter for Pat Logan who has been under the weather.  We hope Pat starts feeling better soon.  Dues are per calendar year, if you have not renewed your membership please do so today!  A membership renewal form is included in the newsletter.

- George Saxton